Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick hits

releases a new album TODAY. Watershed. I expect it to be totally awesome yet simultaneously hilarious. As a prog-rock death metal band with surprising talent, I can't help but listen to them a little ironically. Anybody who writes a 20 minute death metal love song with the lyrics "your face was like a photograph . . . what does it matter now?" snarled in death metal-ese just can't be taken with 100% seriousness.
They fucking ROCK but you do have to be self-aware that anyone outside of the realms of metal are probably going to laugh and laugh.

That's the cover of the first effort from Baroness. Described by my buddy Tory as "Helmet meets prog rock" . . . these guys fucking wail. AWESOME album.

- the Old 97s most recent effort also came out this year. This is a band that I just have to assume sobered up or found God recently, since I couldn't even make it through the whole god-damn album. Too bad. Check out Too Far To Care or Wreck Your Life for some pretty good early alt-country.

Enough already. This is a poor replacement for blabbermouth.net.

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