Friday, June 27, 2008

on a steel horse I ride

Review of Wanted

I don't know if the above is a good or bad review. I'll tell you that it's the exact thing I thought when I saw the previews for Wanted. . . all borrowed stuff.

I haven't seen the movie so I can't really comment on it, but this review confirmed why I was planning on missing it in the first place - I loved it when it was called The Matrix.
Speaking of the Matrix - I'm probably the last to know about this rumor, but apparently they're not the Wachowski brothers any more because one became a woman.
This has been vehemently denied, but I say they have to prove us wrong by showing his penis live on the air at the Super Bowl.

Otherwise, there will always be rumors. And you know what they say about Rumors.
It was a great album, but really split the band apart.
Do we want the same thing to happen to the W Bros?
Show the dong, prove us wrong.


  1. 1. you are the last person to know about that rumor.
    2. hey asswipe, when you post a review, why don't you, you know, post mine?

  2. Your review didn't support my hypothesis, namely, that this is Matrix Part Deux