Sunday, June 29, 2008

this is how the world ends

(for MySpace) Not with a bang, but a whimper. . . Google announces social networking. This is probably old news to some of you . . . . from the article:
This is actually the Maka-Maka project revealed last year in a confidential Google video that has been accidentally published. "The new central place for social activities will create feeds for all or your events (activity streams) and share them with your contacts," I mentioned in that post.
This is very interesting for a couple of reasons.
  1. Creating a social network requires a vector - there has to be a method for getting large numbers of people to sign up for this service to get to critical mass. My FaceBook account is much more bare-bones than my MySpace account because I only have so much time in the day. I'm not keeping all of them together. But now? On the Google Social Network I'm:
    • already blogging here
    • running 2 e-mail accounts
    • YouTubin'
    • Using Google Reader
    • Using Google Maps
    • Using, well, Google
    Google has multiple vectors for users to say "why not update this, it's linked to all that stuff anyway". Google is probably the most ridiculously large vector there is. Which brings us to point two:
  2. Switching costs are becoming a real problem. Take my life for example. What if Google decided they were going to Be Evil? Well, More Evil than I can stomach. This involves a serious reworking of most of my life. Google's got me by the short ones. I figure that's OK for now; it was going to either be them or Apple.

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