Sunday, June 15, 2008

A tired old subject

Legal drugs killing more than illegal drugs

One of the oldest bits in my repertoire/sack full of magic is a War on Drugs bit. I don't do it very often anymore because it was my closer for basically 2 years and the War on Drugs is extremely well trod ground for a comedian.

War on Drugs is bad, mmmkay?

How many different ways can you spin the topic without sounding like either Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope, Joe Rogan, or one of another hundred comics?

Comics are pro drug use. Big surprise.

The problem is that comics should still be talking about it. As the modern day court jester, our job is to point out the Emperor Has No Clothes.
OK, technically our job is to be funny.

But this sort of thing has to be kept in the public discussion.
So maybe I dust off the ol' closer and use it tonight as an opener.
Let's see how that goes.


  1. Maybe you should do a bit on being FOR the War on Drugs.

    - Less politicians from the GOP would be caught driving drunk

    - Crack would no longer fund the real drug dealers: C I A

    Just a thought...

  2. thank you reverend wright!

    I can't imagine taking a pro-CIA stance period.