Thursday, June 5, 2008

TurboTax Protects My Privacy

And by extension, I suppose, everyone I mail.
I know TurboTax does this because they send me emails crowing about how great they are about once a week.
Once a week.
Really? Do I need to hear from the jerk-wads who do my taxes more than, oh, once per year? Why JUNE?
(as an aside - jerk-wad is a phrase I used for a long time as a kid. Not until I typed it out just now did I really recognize the implications of a wad of jerk. Gross.)

So here's a news item from last year about TurboTax douchebaggery.

I won't do this for every bit of spam I get, since I don't have the time.
But I don't need to hear from TurboTax until Jan 10 or so. Honestly, knowing me, I don't need to hear from them until April 13th when I actually decide to file.
If I decide to file.
I just caught up with 5 years of taxes this past year.
Which is a pretty dumb way to do it because of penalties and the like. I just figured I'd want to give them a lump sum payment after the war in Iraq wrapped up.

So's this blog post. But it's a good way to warm up the creative writing skills. After all, I owe a status report to my superiors today.

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