Friday, June 13, 2008

you've got your pride. . .

And a blue steel .45 . . .

Tired as hell today. Went to Whiskey Road last night for the open mic run by Adam Burke. A bunch of suits (literally!) showed up, the ringleader looking like the black sheep of the Culkin clan - the one who went into law-doggin' instead of the acting.
It was pretty interesting - there were about 10 of them all from a law office or something, and the group's body language was AWESOME. You could almost see them rolling over on their backs for the alpha dog to snifff their crotch and maybe pee on them.
Hyper-aggressive alpha who got drunk and judged all the comics. Most of the early ones couldn't really crack the room because ringleader was too cool to laugh.
He eventually got kicked out, and the room improved immediately. Six of his buddies were still left, but they became more interested in having a good time and less interested in being "cool".
Which means that the comedians had a better time, which made a better show for the remaining suits and the rest of the audience, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Love it when people relax and let go of that insincere posturing of cool.

The ringleader stewed outside and in the back; I could see him getting into a fight by the end of the night. I got the stinkeye a couple of times but I think that's because I was hanging out with my fiance (a hottie!) and an old upstairs neighbor of mine (hottest girl in the bar!) so I think it was more about "what's HE doing with THEM".
Narcissism is great isn't it? I bet he was just staring at the beer taps and trying to figure out what to buy.
But it's gotta be ABOUT ME!

The room has really grown up from its humble beginnings about a month or two ago; lots of non-comics and a standing room only back-of-the-room where comics clamber over each other to see new jokes being born.
When I went to the first night, it was all comics but two people in the front row, and it was a boring little clubhouse.

Last night, almost all non-comics in the seats, 20 comics crowding around the back entrance, and the opportunity to just WRECK the place.

It's just so painful to know that I'm at my utter best stone-cold sober or slightly buzzed on alcohol. All of my indulgences are, at the end of the day, detrimental and evil.
I suppose that's why we call them indulgences.


  1. did you just refer to your former neighbor as hotter than your fiancee? smooth move einstein.

  2. Yeah it was brilliant, thanks.

    My former neighbor is absurdly hot. Kind of girl that hasn't ever bought herself a drink, nor had to hold a job, nor had to do anything ever.

    Them's the facts and I'm more interested in honesty than salving my fiance's ego. She's well adjusted and knows that she's got the whole package WAY BEYOND some purty looks.