Thursday, July 31, 2008

some words of encouragement

I know some visitors to this site might be a little thrown today.
A poll? Here?
What plans could DBC possibly have for your (non)personal data on antifreeze?

Frankly, I'm not sure. Part of my multi-step plan to become pantsless in the afternoons (outlined yesterday) was fatally flawed.
  1. Withdrawing money from someone else's account is a legal gray area- apparently it can only be done if you're a gym or the IRS. I completely misunderstood ad revenue - it has very little to do with setting up your own fake banking site. While I'm still 100% behind this idea, I can't really just go in and withdraw money until I'm established as a gym. Which means I need to buy some exercise equipment.
  2. The trick isn't just ad revenue, but revenue streams of all kinds! The real money is still in password harvesting, but you should resell those passwords to a larger organization with better lawyers. I'm looking at two organizations currently - Izmailovskaya and the La Costa Nostra. I'd considered some of the web marketing firms and some of the bigger advertising organizations as well, but their business practices strike me as unsavory and possibly unethical, so I'll keep this password re-selling business on the up and up with some foreign nationals.
No wonder there's not a billion billionaires running around pantsless in America - it's hard work figuring out everything that goes into your business plan!
Worse yet, it's distracted me from the main point I wanted to make:
You need to fill out the poll on the right.
I realize some of you might be frightened; there's already three votes and I keep on reassuring you there's only three readers.
It turns out my tireless marketing efforts have been paying off and currently we're sporting 43 readers, most of them visitors from a few porn site aggregators. Let's give a warm welcome to Steve, Mark, Donny, Mabel, and Ron from!
We welcome you and your families.
Fill out the poll and be entered in the sweepstakes for free pornographic emails sent to your inboxes every morning!

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