Friday, July 18, 2008


Pitchfork this weekend.
Public Enemy, Sebadoh, Animal Collective, Dinosaur Jr, need I say more?

Oh yeah, thunderstorms. Hopefully the Pitchfork staff's not as bad as contractors in Iraq or we could see some tragic last performances.

I vote for Vampire Weekend. They'll get to go out on a high note and not have a horrible second album, ruining their first effort.
Chevelle was like that, they went from "pretty decent band" on Point #1, to gigantic bag of suck on album 2, the one with Send the Pain Below or whatever that was.
Grow some balls for fuck's sake.
Send the pain below? Get a fucking pan flute, give up the double bass, and get out of a drop D tuning. This is pop crap a la Blink 182, and you're just trying to sneak it by us via heavy sound. You suck and your lyrics suck.

Wow. That was some anger for a has-been band.

There's a bunch more music at Pitchfork that will allow me to go "oh yeah, I saw them" in a couple years when a few of them blow up. I probably won't remember them nor remember seeing them, but I'll take credit.

What do we have to do to get good weather on weekends when I'm doing something? Bribe some official in charge of the weather control devices? Go to church? Human sacrifice?
I can't do any of those.
Held down by the weather controllin' man again.

This is bullshit.


  1. You should have told me you were going to PF this year... biatch!

  2. I barely made it out there actually. . . arm infection kept me inside most of the weekend.