Friday, July 25, 2008

Whoah it's been a week already

I apparently don't learn from my mistakes. For the second time running I've given myself an infection of a wound by jabbing it with a thumbtack.
Last summer at Bonnaroo I got really bad blisters/excema and then jabbed them with a thumbtack, and promptly went down with a bad infection.

Last week I got a pimple/bite thingie on my arm, and rather than peroxide and leave it well enough alone, I jabbed it with a thumbtack.

I mean, WHY

It's not like I have a stack of sterile thumbtacks; I pulled it out of a cork board and stuck it into my arm. I'm completely disgusting.

So anyway, guess what happened THIS TIME? Super powers? I'm now half human/half thumbtack? The Tack?
You guessed it:
Except this time it might be MRSA; that's the fear. I think we're through the woods on that one though; the redness all around it has faded a fair amount and the wound is pretty small.
I don't think it's MRSA but when the doctors are all serious about it, I should be too. But I didn't tell him about the thumb tack jabbing thing.
Which is the most obtuse thing.
Hi doctor. I'd like you to treat this but I'm going to tell you strictly about the one time I was with a prostitute, but ignore the night after night bouts of bestiality and expect you to diagnose me with sheep syphilis.

I'm a moron of epic proportions.
It's classic drug seeking behavior, and I'm doctor shopping to get my hands on the best antibiotics I can.
Vicodin? Who cares! I want me some metha-amphetacillin!

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