Friday, July 4, 2008

why patriotism?

Perfect timing - the Fourth.
Since it's topical and can't be used again really, this is what I opened with:

"So Independence Day! Big plans? I'm going waterboarding!"
And then some other crap that weakened a very succinct joke.
A fellow comic gave me a note years ago - my jokes tend to go HA HA to "kinda clever" the longer they get.
Greed, though, greed.

So here's what I just read in the Times: "(A new CNN poll shows that a quarter of registered voters say Obama lacks patriotism.)"
What is patriotism really? Presidential campaigns bum me out. You watch someone with genuine vision (maybe?) and that intangible change element (B.Clinton had it) and you'll win an election or two.
It's just funny how fast the sell-out for power happens. I guess we don't deserve any better; he came up through the Daley political machine and succeeded. That takes charisma, testicular fortitude, and a little snake oil to grease the wheels.
His shift on FISA is infuriating. My guess is this happened:
FISA is stalled to hell in the House. Impasse.
Webb's GI bill and the new Iraq funding bill are stalled in the House as well; the benefits are way too good for people leaving the military so veterans like McCain didn't show up to vote.
Someone (incredibly evil) pitches this to a few of the "centrist" (read: fascist tendencies) democrats: "We'll pass your Webb bill and even pull some strings so Bush doesn't veto it. In return, you give us the FISA bill with retroactive immunity."
And to a lot of the shit-bag democrats who have telecoms feeding them money to fuel their incumbent defense, that deal sounds pretty good. You get to sound "for the troops" and sneak through something your lobbyists/corporate types want badly (as civil suits are the only thing Bush can't pardon). Win-win.
Except, by the time the pragmatist "for the troops" moral cowards had expected the bill to slip through the Senate, Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold worked on delaying tactics in the Senate to prevent the bill passing prior to the Fourth.

So here's what the Democrats CAN do in the Senate:
they can fuck the shitbag MINORITY criminal thief party of Republicans right in the mouth.
They shut down this bill from passing, guess what - Bush already signed the troops bill into law.
What's the worst that happens, the whole House/Senate split into distrust and get nothing done until the new Congress in 2009?
Keep those fuckers bound and gagged. Every time they sign a "supportin' the troops by keeping them in Iraq" appropriations bill, they put more of our boys in harm's way for a government that's going to willingly annex itself to Iran. How are you going to stop that, by leaning on Iran and threatening war?
Tie them up.
Let no additional money be spent (unless on highways to Alaskan islands or tube socks) by this Congress.
Give us a sympathetic President Obama.
Get real, sensible policies into place.

But most importantly: the Dems should reneg on any sort of "deal" to get Webb's bill through. They thought they could trade FISA? Great! We betray you, make it an issue in your campaign. Maybe something like:
"Do you believe in unlawful searches and seizures? Well the Senate Democrats didn't! Without shredding the fourth amendment, the terrorists might win!

Here's the deal:
there's a lot to be critical of our country about. Blind faith/patriotism whatever you want to call it is jingoistic horseshit.
Our civic duty is to attempt to improve America; flag pins and overt "clap your hands if you like pledging allegiance to some sort of deified inanimate object that we'd sacrifice virgins to if we had any virgins left in America" bullshit deserves to be called out as what it is: bullshit.
He's running for president on non-lobbyist money (sorta) on a change/transparency platform.
That's pretty damn patriotic in and of itself. The only question you really have to ask yourself isn't "is he patriotic enough" or even (dare I say it) "is he white/black enough?" (cause he's both! CHECKMATE!)
The real question is: "Do I trust him to attempt to enact the policies and change he promises and represents?"

That's the question we have to answer.
Really, that's the wrong tense.
That's the question we had to answer in the primary.
I hope we were right.
I really really hope we were right.
But I could give a flying fuck about his flag pin.

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