Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anyone good with Photoshop out there?

I know it's sort of like asking "hey would someone do free shit for me for no pay?"
Well, it's not sort of like that - it's exactly like that.

I'm looking for a new not-so-shitty logo.

Obviously it needs a rabbit on it because of the title of the blog but other than that, the sky's the limit.

I'd like an abstract logo of a rabbit, that's obviously a rabbit but not a "real life" rabbit.
And not that fucking Donnie Darko rabbit.
Have some fucking integrity.
Says the guy asking for free shit.

Honestly, my brother will do it if I beg him, I don't know why I'm asking you chumps.

Tomorrow night's the Big Night. My Lincoln Lodge appearance for Comcast OnDemand!
Hot shit. It's been a while in the making - no video clips makes it tough to get booked in showcases in the city.
I assume that's what's doing it - it could be that I'm actually a horrible comic but everyone is really nice to me because they don't want to be a douchebag.

It brings up a thought I had recently. They say of show-business particularly that you can't give up on your dreams - giving up on your dreams will guarantee failure. If you just keep trying, you'll eventually make it.
But what if you suck truly and deeply at whatever you're doing? I mean, what if you're HORRIBLE at it and there's no way you will ever become good enough?
What if you're the William Hung of comedy, or the Nancy Pelosi of backbone?
What if your goal is to climb a wall with your fingers, and you just whittle them down to stumps?
Is your friend a douchebag when he says "hey, buddy, you're not getting any better at this and frankly there's enough shitty mash-up artists out there already. Give it up."

If somebody had just SAID that to Marylin Manson, we wouldn't have had to deal with Mechanical Animals.

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