Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Policies

First off, who's not using an RSS reader of some sort in this day and age? Particularly for blogs like mine, which are normally written somewhere between "unsafe at any speed" and "I'm out of drugs again".

If you're not using it or wonder what the hell it even is, here's a long-winded explanation of what it is and why it will benefit you. Alternately, you can point your browser to www.google.com/reader and walk through their demo of it and set yourself up good.

I prefaced this with RSS speak because I've found a really fucking annoying habit of a TON of RSS feeds - they simply tease you with the first 3 sentences of the feed and then you have to visit the actual page site and trigger their 45 ad impressions on the page to net them a stupid fucking $.04.
My new policy: if I can't read your whole post from my Reader, your feed is dead to me. This means you, Time Out Chicago, and you, Shecky Magazine.

So, policy 1 is stop making me click on shit to read your stupid fucking blog post about nothing. Particularly Time Out Chicago - if you're unaware, there's a little blog called The Chicagoist that isn't a bunch of giant douches and they let you read the whole post.

Me no likey the current job -
I wish I knew if it was work in general (I'm lazy), work for a corporation (no leash fits well), or work for this corp (they're crazy).

At least then I'd know if it was my attitude that needs adjusting or my work circumstances.
My guess is it's a little of both.

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