Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hi there.

Busy week. Saw the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's Smart Home yesterday, and attended a presentation on investment opportunities in green industries.
They served drinks and appetizers which was great.
The presentations were actually interesting, but the funniest part was someone behind us was making a noise with his pants that sounded like he was either having sex or beating the bishop.
Andrea couldn't hold in her laughter, bursting into giggles in the middle of a presentation about water shortages in the third world.

I can't take her anywhere.

P.s. I'm experimenting with calendars on the page to advise of upcoming dates. None of these are really legit until after the wedding in September; it's more about demonstrating functionality for later. Cheers.
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I'm resentful towards everyone for their failure to take me seriously as a literary force.
Naturally, this doesn't mean you, gentle readers.

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