Thursday, August 21, 2008

oh work, why must you poo on me

This week I've been a statue, pooed on by many pigeons. It reminds me of the old street joke:

Two statues were in the park, a nude man and a woman. They'd sat there for centuries, when Merlin appears out of a puff of thin air and waves his wand. Both statues come to life.
Merlin says, "Statues, you have stood vigil for over 200 years. I am able to grant you life for two hours, for you to experience whatever you wish."
The statues stare, dumbfounded. "Anything at all?" the man asks.
Merlin nods. "Anything your heart desires."
Both statues smile at each other and immediately run off behind the bushes. For an hour Merlin hears them giggling and grunting behind the bushes. He approaches the bushes and tells them, "You have one more hour, use it as you wish."
The woman says, "OK it's my turn. You hold the pigeons down so I can shit on their heads!"

Since I know work stories are inherently boring, I'm going to say nothing more here.

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  1. "If you're dilligent with saving money (experts recommend a 3 month cushion of expenses) then the threat of firing is simply amusing."

    - funny