Saturday, August 30, 2008

The only thing left of the Lodge is rubble

Because I absolutely tore the place apart last night.
Just destroyed it. Which was actually a huge relief for both me and my neighbors. Can you imagine if I'd eaten it, how awkward the next ten years would have been?
"Hi Sean. How's things?"
"hahaha that was just as funny as your set! Would you like to borrow my leather awl to punch a hole into your eye, piercing your brain and ending these awkward conversations permanently?"
They'd even invited people out with the always-faith-inducing "I'm pretty sure he's funny but I've never seen him."

Which I appreciate enormously. Many people came through last night and brought far more people than I'd expected. It was great and I'm glad I haven't been bugging people to go to shitty gigs.

I'm so freakin' high right now from last night it's ridiculous. It was one of those moments where once I stepped out into the light and said the first line, I wasn't even in charge of what was happening anymore. It was just a wave to be surfed, living in the moment with a crowd and having as much fun for as long as possible. And man, was it a blast.

Thanks to everyone who could make it.
They actually want to charge for the DVD (Comcastic!) so I don't actually know if I'm getting one. Basically the set had to be TV clean (and I wasn't) so it's going to be chopped up. Depending upon if:
  • I get to see the product prior to purchase
  • The set doesn't seem disjointed and crappy
  • There's enough meat in it that makes sense to publish
I'll get it up here and on MySpace, YouTube, et cetera.
The ideal situation would be Comcast gives me the unedited version; I'd actually pay full price ($30 instead of the verbal $10) if I could get the original.

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