Sunday, August 3, 2008

so I'm startin' up a posse . . .

And Betsy Ross used to sit home and sew, and sew, . . .

. . . and so.
I'm (edit: I said burning originally) ripping CDs late in the evening. I have approx. 300 to go through so late evening is as appropriate as early morning. Whatever gets the shit Done.

Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.
I'm living that reality right now.
In my college/high school years I used to wish . . . "if only I could meet a woman with excellent taste in music . . . she would understand me."
As if my dislike for the Backstreet Boys was the real Deal Killer for me sleeping with Cool Girl X. If only she'd been into Blind Melon, it would have totally worked. It wouldn't have. In college I hung out with two chicks who met and partied w/Blind Melon prior to Hoon's death. . . I may have well of met Blind Melon. I was a wreck of a human being, fan worshipping by proxy. They were DISGUSTED.

Anyhow, huge digression that probably didn't give you much insight to anything. Point is, great musical taste doesn't mean shit when it comes to relationships. For probably the 25th time out of 35 posts, I've just shared an obvious insight to humanity that everyone but me figured out before just now.

So imagine my surprise where a few years later (approx 3 years ago now) I meet this girl who's way cool on all sorts of important shit - giving, thinking of others almost constantly, productive, self sufficient, excellent conversationalist, beautiful. . . then she's also super savvy about music. Far more savvy than I am. And I'm relatively savvy . . . I keep up with it better than baseball, but she runs circles around me.
I talk about my love for trip hop, she derides it as a flash in the pan 90s phenomenon.
Thing is, we're both right.
Only she's cooler for her stance than I am mine.
Damnit. Music doesn't impress her?!
You know what it's like to rely on your knowledge of parliamentary procedure to impress a broad? May as well be in a children's book playing Mr. Square.

Anyway. I'm burning Prince's Sign of the Times right now. (on edit: Germs (MIA))
If it were some "I love the Backstreet Boys!" chick, I could totally scoff at her CD collection and refuse to burn it into the Main Rig. But her taste is impeccable. Her knowledge is encyclopedic. I have to burn her shiz because I want it, too!

This evening we went to a wedding and a birthday party . Fine times with a fine woman. I will disparage her and paint awful pictures that are mostly false on this blog - I err on the side of funny in funny vs truth almost 100% of the time - but she is truly phenomenal and I love her dearly.
Her musical taste was just gravy but honestly - her name on the Onion Personals was "Ms Ace of Spades". . . how can you not smile?

Since I'm off the deep end already, some Pixies:
all i'm saying pretty baby
la la love you don't mean maybe
all i'm saying pretty baby
first base
second base
third base
home run
[whistle] yeah
i love you
i do
i love you
all i'm saying pretty baby
la la love you, don't mean maybe
all i'm saying pretty baby

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