Monday, September 22, 2008

Here's a good idea

Potentially a bad idea, it depends upon how you feel about:
  1. My writing
  2. The power this next idea will unleash
I'm assuming you're OK with #1. You probably want less bitching about work (I HATES WORK) and more bitching about lady-problems, with more photographs of children and mules.

#2 though - some power shouldn't be in the wrong hands. Some people can't handle it. Old school freight trains had what was called a dead man's switch - basically you have to apply pressure to it the whole time or it will shut off whatever it's attached to. In this example, a locomotive.
You don't want a narcoleptic in charge of the dead man's switch. Your freight will ALWAYS be late because narcoleptics are lazier than Mexicans.
I'm sorry, I meant Krauts.

Here's the idea:
Write ONE blog, publish to multiple places simultaneously.
I might be the last one on this bandwagon. Everyone might already know about this sort of thing.

But I'm going to figure out HOW to do this, and post how.
(ten to one my "How" will be some link to a lifehacker post)

Haven't been writing here lately, I've been working on a wiki. Lots more programming, lots less creativity thrown at other things.
I'll announce it officially here in a few days; most of youse probably already knows about it.

Cool stuff, just around the corner.

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