Thursday, September 18, 2008

That was easy

Gotta hand it to the big Google, they make doing stuff with their tools pretty damn easy.

The blog's now at - but gets you there too.
And if you're super-lazy, will still get you there for basically forever. . . until I decide I don't want to host the blog on blogger for some reason.
Probably when I get involved with pornography and piracy.
Maybe both. Pornographic pirates, stealing booty.
But it couldn't be on the goingtharn domain, that makes no sense.
Rabbit pornography, that's what we need here.

Awesome logo idea if I could draw:
Camera shot is behind a slavering wolf, jaws agape and dripping with saliva. He's creeping up on a rabbit that's completely hunched down, eyes wide and doe-like, completely frozen.

That would be freaking AWESOME!

My wife is watching Oprah. They're doing wine tasting.
God help me, I'm actually curious about it.

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