Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For the second time in three weeks

My wife has managed to chop up a jalapeno pepper, then touch her face-parts prior to washing up.

Three weeks ago she rubbed the inside of her left eye, and immediately inflamed it and leaked tears for the rest of the night.

Tonight, making the same dish, she blew her nose. She looks like a pretty W.C. Fields.

But better than that, I finally got my company's 10 page missive on why "Our Future Is At Stake" due to the upcoming election. Nutshell version - blacks are scary socialists and won't drill for oil.
I feel like my employer officially declared war on me with this thing.

The annoying part? It's mostly lies and misrepresentations of reality. Take the worst of the Republican talking points (some discredited) and paste them together in a set of letters, and you've got my company's policy statement, I guess.

I like this. I'm secretly in rebellion now; whenever it appears I'm being lazy and hungover, I'm actually exercising sabotage for le Resistance!

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