Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ah, comedy

Well, we're halfway through the Comedy Marathon that is this week.
Two shows down, two shows to go.

As my Twitter status says (when I write this), I flew right into a cliff face tonight.
Same set (basically) as last night. Huge difference in audience.

I was offered a dilemma roughly a minute into the set: my current twelve is slightly mysogistic. My body of work as a whole, not at all. This specific 10 minutes, a little bit. Nothing awful. Nothing unwarranted. You could argue that "embezzling all over her tits" is a misogynistic line, objectifying women as a balance sheet.
NOBODY wants to be treated as an object. A balance sheet is ten times worse than a generic object - it's boring and feels used with all those hidden subtractions.

Anyhow. About 10 (of 40+) people showed up (and paid money) to see me. These are My Fans. They are people who above all I want to please. There's another 30 people in this audience that I genuinely hope like me. I want them to like me; part of my body genuinely needs them to like me in a manner that is neither endearing nor pitiable. Just gross.

Quickly in the set I realized that of the 30 who didn't know me, 20 of them were hard core feminists. A percentage of them were also lesbian. Typically, I wouldn't have to qualify any sentence with that (unless of course - sex scenes. Totally would tell you) but in this case, I open with two slightly homophobic jokes bookending an entreaty to protest against Prop 8 tomorrow. Not Fans Of The Jokes.
They weren't horrible - I'm an honest supporter of gay rights. My opener I have second thoughts of telling all the time.Yes, its premise relies upon "gay" as a pejorative,  but it's fucking funny. I understand that the idea of "gay" and "faggot" as negative relies on the idea of gay being  "wrong". It's a faulty premise.
But here's the thing - the joke stands with accepting it as a faulty premise.
It's a classic bait and switch joke masquerading as "I'm a douchebag". It starts out as "this guy's a douchebag", then "oh he's an idiot", then the realization of "oh he's and idiot and a douchebag".
 Or you go "haha gay is bad!" and you're a fucking ape, but I tricked you into laughing anyway.

So. The reaction isn't favorable to the first couple of jokes. Here's the dilemma:
  1. Do I cater to the 30 people who haven't seen me, aren't fond of me so far, and will hate the next 8 minutes I was planning to do
  2. Do I "option" to a bunch of safe shit that I know would work and kill the room, but disappoint the fans I already have by hearing shit they've heard
It's sort of lose-lose. My friends would forgive me - they'd probably laugh at jokes they've heard, and not think twice about doing it.
But . . . this is my new material. A lot of it is strong. It's not nice. It's not PC. It's honest. It's who I am. And it is very, very funny.
But fuckin' a, they hated me. Booed! TWICE! I loved it.

My wife is furious at me right now. Since the joke's basically dead in a couple weeks anyway, here it is:
"Sara Palin's so stupid even her babies are retarded"

My wife is mad at me because she thinks I might jinx our own baby chances.
The gods of retarded babies would grant us only retards or something.
Not going to happen.
They can test for that shit in advance nowadays.
Put it this way: when a shark is born, if it's deformed, the other sharks tear it apart.
We're not sharks. We're more humane than that.
We can do it with a snip snip.

The chances are high that it's a perfectly healthy baby in the first place.
So don't get up in arms,  my pro-life fans.

So I guess I offended basically everybody tonight.
Barry 1 - Everybody 0
Your move, Everybody

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