Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A clarification on the earlier post

I should clarify what I meant now that I'm not tired and hungover.

I don't despise improv as an art form; that was lazy writing to express a complicated topic.

All live performances are ephemeral - there's always that potential for magic, be it stand-up, or a play, or improv. Improv embraces the ephemeral. Nothing is redone.
Stand-up's on the other side; you attempt to recreate the ephemeral in the nooks and crannies of material. You slot in new material in between two established bits and see if it works. You're still live. . . but you've got a structure.
Improv has none of that, and as a result the experience is different from what I seek out for live performance.
I won't boo, or be an asshole. I'll even yell suggestions! (and not shitty hack ones like "SIXTY NINE!" and "DILDO!")
Let's see what you fancy improv-ers can do with "Rickets" as your suggested emotion.

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