Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night's show at Ginger's Ale House went well.
I have a complicated relationship with improv; I despise it as an art form but absolutely love improv-ers as audience members.
You're allowed (nay, encouraged) to "go off the rails" and just pursue ideas like a hound. They're so used to improv that not only will they hang in with you, but will give you the payoff you desire when you hit your punchline.

Here's my two things about improv that I don't like:
  1. Even the masters kind of suck. Whose Line Is It Anyway sometimes films for 3 hours for a 30 minute show. It's all smoke and mirrors; they WORK at making it so funny. This isn't so bad - stand-ups work hard at appearing to be "off the cuff" with painstakingly crafted material. But if an improv scene is awesome, well  . . . it's awesome once. If you do it again, it's no longer improv but a sketch.
  2. Watching ONE person bomb onstage is awkward (though sometimes cruelly hilarious) - watching a group of 3 bomb onstage. . . the cringe equation looks something like x^n with n = number of performers and x = base cringe level. 
That said, I'd leap at the chance to perform in any improv show; they really are the most awesome crowds.

If you're in the Greater Chicago area, I'm all over your face and tits this week. Check the schedule on the right - Thu, Fri, 2 shows on Saturday. . . . one came courtesy of the Comcast OnDemand slot I did.
No material from said show will be repeated I think; it's something like 85% new and 15% stuff that fit with the new so I get to do it some more.

The forever-wish is "I hope to get it online" but no promises. Come out to a show.

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