Sunday, November 16, 2008

The comedy train slows to a stop

Whew. What a weekend! 4 Real Shows, and wrapping up tonight with a couple new bits at Schuba's.

Good times indeed.
So the recap:
  • Thursday - small, bloodthirsty audience. The world's pain and misfortune was their sweet sweet martinis made of children's tears. They loved me more than I had a right to.
  • Friday - large liberal audience. Not humorless; they laughed at many jokes by other comedians, and even laughed at a few of mine. Most of them hated me with a white-hot passion by the end of the night, assuming I was a sexist racist homophobe. I've never been boo-ed before at a show, so I'm feeling pretty proud of that First. My largest regret was not plugging my website at the end of my show . . . I think that would have KILLED. But what do I know.? NOTHING!
  • Saturday - back to back shows. Tiny audience at the Sarcastic Squad, and because I was double booked I didn't get to see the remainder of the acts. Disappointing, but I'm sure when I return I'll get more time to savor the flavor. Accountants of Homeland Security had a nice sized audience and a well put-together show I was thrilled to be a part of. Stayed out drinking with that crew until 3 AM. America, Fuck Yeah.
December's going to be pretty low-key. I plan on hitting up Schuba's on a weekly basis but that's it - the rest of my time will be spent on tekmology shite - updating (moving to Ruby on Rails as a platform, reworking most of what's there to support a more robust interface) and working on Secret Projects to free myself from the drudgery of the current day job.
I'll still be here, writing away.

One last thing - I Fucking Love Comedy. End of story. Even Friday night's show was uplifting, basking in the rage of liberal hate.
I have to figure out a way to spend most of my time performing. I must.

Kisses and love all

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  1. Bro you are racist, a homophobe and a sexist pig... that's why we are friends. Sorry I missed your show, but I did catch it on Comcast.