Sunday, January 25, 2009

MicroCenter Update

So about a month ago I complained about BestBuy and MicroCenter.
MicroCenter actually read the blog, and a customer service rep contacted me to make things right.

A very impressive display of customer service, and I was pleasantly surprised.
So maybe their customer service is more like post-Perestroika Soviet Union, rather than the current Russian mob and KGB run Russia of today.

Or maybe the analogy just doesn't hold.

Anyhow, let's take a few important lessons from this:
  1. My blog is so damn famous customer service reps throughout the land read it
  2. My blog is obviously "cool" and therefore companies want me to endorse their products
  3. Best Buy is still staffed by rapists and ex-cons, and their customer service representatives rarely talk to you. Here's how it went for this customer who was having trouble with his phone:


  1. Yo man where u go?
    No see ums on IM in DAZE!

  2. same here man - where u theze daze?

  3. Hey man. GTalk's been a bit wonky for a few weeks for me now; I purged all my "suggested contacts" from Gmail's contacts and since then a lot of Gmail contacts are no longer on my contacts list.

    Weirdness. I think I did it because I'm a moron but it's just as likely Google has finally decided to be evil.