Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Check it out - TwitterFeed

JSpector on Twitter linked to an URL about getting "people who matter to follow you" on Twitter. I don't really care much for that sort of thing.
I really don't get Twitter - it's stupid and trivial.
But if I don't set an example of entertaining things that are stupid and trivial, nobody would follow my lead and my blog would have ZERO readers instead of 3.

Anyway, there's a helluva gem in this article:

With twitterfeed, you can set up your twitter (and other) accounts to monitor your blog's RSS feed, so when you post to your blog it adds a new tweet with the link to the blog post automagically.
This solves the whole problem of "how do I let facebook people know I write blogs, without annoying the shit out of them?" Ok, it doesn't really solve that problem since it still annoys the shit out of them, but it doesn't force ME to do anything extra, therefore NOT annoying the shit out of me.

I swear too much.

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