Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Apology, Captain Tripps (2)

One, apologies for the spoilers down below. Yes, the book was written in 1979 and there's only so far you can go with spoilers, but it was uncalled for.
Part of the beauty of books is they lie in wait, silently protecting their secrets until someone with diligence and will reveals them.
They occasionally eat your soul, but if you stay away from religious texts or those bound in human skin you're probably safe. (Spoiler Alert: The Necronomicon will eat your soul, EVEN IF YOUR NAME IS BRUCE CAMPBELL)

Since I have a policy that I do not edit even when I'm a gigantic asshole, the post below will stay. If blogger doesn't shut off javascript, I'll work on getting some spoiler tags down below to prevent casual ruination of The Stand. This is sort of a violation of my policy but in this case I feel it's the right move.

Captain Tripps - if you're smart like me, you've already spoken with a strong cohort of people at your job. You've all arranged a secret code and calling tree, and the moment the first case of Swine Flu appears in your state, every single one of you is calling in sick. You can probably get 3 or 4 "sick days" out of this pandemic scare!
Thanks Captain Tripps, for happening during the nicest season in Chicago.
If you're wondering, our code word here at my current employer is "snausages".
Mostly because they look delicious even for people.

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