Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Captain Tripps

Who isn't excited for a huge pandemic?
More importantly, who isn't excited for Stephen King's seminal work, The Stand to reappear as a relevant "what-if" scenario!
"What if a superflu destroyed America?"
"What if a homosexual arsonist found a nuclear weapon?"
"What if we blew up all of the remaining deaf-mutes?"

Without Stephen King's pregnant work The Stand, uncut, we'd never know.
I urge you to all go out and read this Nostradamus-like work.

P.s. spoiler alert up above. Nick gets totally blown up.
Also I don't think the Trashcan Man's actually gay.
But it's been a while.

I figured I had to mention Captain Tripps since my blog's name is in part drawn from Stephen King's late term abortion The Stand as well as Watership Down.

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