Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random randomness

Sunday morning.
Up at 6:30 AM. In the gym before 7 AM. Since it's the weekend, I'm using my punch-card for the Galter Life Center instead of the usual gym by work, LA Fitness.
I'm not linking to LA Fitness because the music they pipe into the gym is so bad it causes me physical pain and anger.
It was a light workout because I hurt my neck Friday night by sleeping wrong.
Injuries from sleeping is a new development since my thirties, and not one I'm fond of. Apparently Friday night while in a sleep, I added an additional 2 pillows under my neck, allowing my head to rest at a right angle to my body. When I woke up . . . surprise! Unbelievable fucking pain.

Naturally, I forgot underwear when I went to the gym. I free-balled it home and put on underwear.
It's a very very old pair that I'm happy to say fits again without cutting off circulation. So either I'm losing weight or my penis has shrank. Too early to tell either way.

Random kitty update: We're remodelling our bathroom. The youngest one, Vlad, was terrified of the workers for the first three weeks, and hid under a bed every day until they left. About a week ago, I come home from work and he's sitting in the window, waiting for me. His head is completely covered in plaster. He'd apparently gotten over his fear of the workers long enough to stick his head into the plaster they were using, completely covering his head.
Very funny. He's frightened of buckets now, which can only be a good thing.
(incidentally, he's sitting behind me right now, ripping a box apart. He does this whenever he's thwarted. Current thwart level: 4 of 10, since I won't let him back outside)

Random gross consumerism update: I'm getting a beard trim, facial, and haircut at Truefitt and Hill. It will be outrageously expensive, but I've got a Big Day tomorrow so I'm spoiling myself a bit.
Take that, poor people.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birfday To Me

First off, if you're coming from Melton's facebook link, welcome and thank you very much Chris! That was a very nice present.

34 today.
Job is utter hell. The big irony of it is the work part of the job is enjoyable and what I want to do. The culture, the HR department, and the general shenanigans that go on aside from the work is like a mind flayer boring into my brain.


Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual I are in transit, along with three modules that will get my player's group to level 7 or 9 or something.
Provided I don't kill them all first.
Additionally, I've cleared space in the basement and am setting up a "paint teh monstars" area so I can assemble the characters for their dungeon forays.

These are things you should only do after you're married, to stave off any desire your wife may have of reproduction. Then you can take the money that would have gone to your child's healthcare and spend it on more gaming supplies.
That's what I call win-win.

My wife disagrees. She calls it "god I married a loser."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Of course it was awesome

Leonard Cohen who must be like, 150 at this point, put on a great show last night at the Chicago Theater.
4 (COUNT THEM, FOUR) encores.
I knew two songs (Suzanne, Halleluja), but everyone else in the audience seemed to be Major Fans.
My wife's a Major Fan . . . that's why I was there.
Suzanne always reminded me of Tales of Brave Ulysses by Cream. Somebody should create a mash-up of those two songs so I can claim they stole my idea.

Chopped all my hair off yesterday; it was about 7 inches long or so. My next step is to come in late in a suit. That'll scare the shit out of my current employers.