Friday, June 26, 2009


Smooth Criminal
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I'm not going to make jokes about it or anything.
But I remembered this photo I took in Florence a few years ago.

I still find it amusing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

favorite chat interaction of the week

My friend, a crazy anti-Obama guy for reasons related almost 100% to Ron Paul (and the healthy skepticism of a comedian) is sitting on chat.
Since I know he's been slammed for his anti_obama-ness before, I open chat and text:
I forgive you for your racism

Which spawns this rant

wow you're so predictable. Carl no like Obama, Carl must be racist. Gimmme a fucking break :P:P
So does that mean you said 'ooh black guy great chance to reverse racist past must vote for him no matter what?'
I can't possibly have issues with his monetary policies, his foreign policy, his lack of experience, his voting 'present' more than 100 times to the point where Daschle lectured him and he admitted he was hiding his true opinions in order to be electable. nope! Must be racism!
ok well thanks for playing, not sure why you felt the need to bug me about something that i never said

At which point I tell him

God love Carl. Now buy his book or the black people win.