Monday, September 21, 2009

odds and ends

Red Faction: Guerrilla is awesome.
You're essentially the Taliban of Mars. The goal isn't suicide bombing, but I'm so miserable at this game I'd be better off if I COULD blow myself up on purpose. As it is, the tank shells are doing that job for me.

The single player game plays (and has been called) Grand Theft Auto: Mars.
The major difference is (and I guess it's actually the Red Faction franchise's "signature") everything can be blown up, sledgehammered, or run over.
Buildings on stilts that may as well be in Malibu - remote charge on each strut, run to a safe distance, detonate and watch the whole god-damn thing slide down the mountain. (then if you're me, try holding off the response force until they hit me in the face with a tank round)

I'd recommend taking it for a spin, lots of fun.

In non-video gaming news, I accepted a position at a company TEN MINUTES from my house, that has an average start time around 9:30 AM. I'm not mentioning names or anything since this is not supposed to relate AT ALL to my professional computer side, but I'm very excited.
My commute is moving from 2.5 hours a day (normal traffic) to .5 hours (bad traffic).
I'm looking for a bike this week so I can start biking to work like I was in high school again. (maybe get my fat IT ass into shape)
So yay me, I'm very excited.

Not much else going on. MSU Spartans disappointed me sorely from South Bend this weekend, but I got to see friends I haven't seen since the wedding. Mixed bag, that. Great friends, team so shitty I'm embarassed to wear the gear.

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