Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still in Mexico City

I forgot to mention the closing hours of the first day. The museum sits at the beginning of a huge park; in the middle of it is this castle on Grasshopper Hill.
It's Mexico, though, so it's Chapultepec.

It apparently has a very rich history which we learned nothing about because it closes at 4:30.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "It's named grasshopper hill because it's a hill made of grasshoppers, right?"
No, stupid.
It's called grasshopper hill because they eat grasshoppers.
Which I did not do. I could lie and say the opportunity never presented itself, but it did multiple times.
My hang-up is this:
If I grew up in a tourist town, tolerating stupid tourists who don't bother to learn my language, who muck up traffic, talk too loud, and spend too much money on garbage . . that's the kind of shit I'd come up with.
"Let's tell them we eat grasshoppers, it'll be funny."

p.s. I don't think it's named for eating grasshoppers but here's the wikipedia entry. It's good, gives you some perspective of the urban crush coupled with this park.

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