Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Thanksgiving bites the dust

Good times. Quick hits:
I spent some time with kids this weekend. Some of the most fun you can give a kid is lifting him up over your head and throwing them around a bit. Even if they're crying and screaming, "put me down!", they're still storing up the memories for later fond remembrance.
And if they're not and I'm traumatizing them, well, maybe next time you'll keep your stupid germs to yourself.

I also like scaring them when they're real little. It's the only time you can really get them to love being scared. Or hate it. Hey, I'm not a doctor and they should stop being such crybabies.

Did I mention the kids got me sick? They did.

Other fun stuff:
Been playing Race For The Galaxy non-stop with my wife. It took her a long time to get it but I think she beat my ass the last two times we played it.
A seriously hideous learning curve, everything is self-contained on the cards in its own icon-based language. It's elegant once you "get" it, but until then reading cards is like attempting to read a native american map. (You can't do it because you can't speak Spanish! Also, they mapped over time AND space so they tell stories. Also they were not into three dimensions.)

I picked it up very quickly because in essence I was learning a new "set" in Magic The Gathering. A new set of mechanics, some card interactions, and a board of on average 10 cards and I'm ready to go.
Also, seriously: Abandoned Alien Colony is a card, as is Pirate World.
My wife, that's who.

But she got it. I'm happy she stuck with it, because GOOD sci-fi based board games are rare or very expensive (Space Hulk, I'm looking at you)

Now how do I teach another 15 people to play it?!
I know: water boarding.

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