Sunday, November 8, 2009

frightening tales of woe

I have too many things in my systray.

I have elected to Unhide them for the time being; both Steam and Impulse (gaming services) are easier to launch from this area than launchy. That statement is technically untrue; Launchy is faster but the next command will require a mouse-click. (find game I want to play, click on it to launch)

Rambling. I don't know what possessed me to click on Glenn Beck's book on Amazon before 7 AM today; morbid curiousity compelled me to seek out the 5 star reviews and yell at the computer screen for a while.
There were some well reasoned 1 and 2 star reviews which I sought as a palate cleanser after the 4 line, 5 star "PEOPLE who want HEALTH CARE are LEACHES" Hemingway-esque masterpiece of a review.

The comments beneath each 1 star review are priceless. An army of idiots trying to prove they can argue with idiots.
MusicLover appears in a few of the low rated threads. Music Lover is the Randall Flagg of the Beck review; s/he appears in multiple forms and posts the same thing:
Hey, did you even read the book? Hmmmm? I thought not!
Here's her in another form, Uriah Heep:
sorry, sir, seems youve missed the concept here -- that is, to review products ... objectively ... that youve actually read. maybe you got lost on your way to

In almost every one-star review there's someone crying that they didn't read the book.
My all time favorite is in the best one-star review for the book. Five paragraphs of deconstructing Beck's arguments in the book, and the second review comment:
Ah. So you didn't actually read the book.

What a surprise - yet another dishonest review. Are all Beck's detractors so intellectually dishonest?

"Straw man idiot," indeed.
I love it.
Allowing comments on heavily trafficked web pages is beautiful; it gives us a window on the soul of humanity. It's an ugly window:

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