Monday, November 9, 2009

Games games games

Dragon Age: Origins.
Tales of Monkey Island 4.
Team Fortress 2

These are currently my favorite things.
Three of those were released in the last couple of weeks. Here's my nutshell review:

Torchlight: Wizard needs food, badly! Steampunk diablo-clone. Fun. Hardcore (one life, no saves!) is opt-in with no need to unlock it. I forgot how much hardcore mode makes me adverse to the game, but if it exists I'm compelled to play it.
One life.
I spent a couple hours last night leveling up an alchemist and then sloppily killing myself on the last mage of a group. He was looking promising, there were only 2 or three mobs left, and I decided to play one-handed.

The funniest thing about hardcore is it puts the cost of gaming in stark relief. Gaming ultimately gets you little but RSI; I may be awesome at TF:2 (I'm not) but it means nothing.
Torchlight shows that immediately: I spent 3 hours that was immediately wasted by a few moments of inattentiveness.

Dragon Age: Origins at least has a large unfolding plot, so I can rationalize it as reading a new-fangled book-type thing.

Secrets of Monkey Island is the same, even more so. In Dragon Age, cowering from responsibility in my origin story got my cousin killed. My flub had consequences.
Monkey Island - no such plot interaction. You figure out the puzzles and enjoy the story and humor, but unless it throws us a curve-ball in act 5 I'm guessing Guybrush gets the girl, cures the pox, and LeChuck becomes evil again somehow.
I'd expect no less than the continuity of a Simpson's episode.

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