Monday, November 23, 2009

The internet isn't private

This shouldn't be a new revelation to anyone, but the internet's a public place.
You post something online, and it's probably stored in a database somewhere.
I went searching for some of my old stuff for this post, and found some.
Old writings. I was disgusted with myself and abandoned the post entirely.

The fear of something being out there forever makes it harder to be honest.
OK maybe you can be honest in an Aes Sedai sort of way, but I'd rather not drive off the internet bridge with a campaign staffer in my car.
Metaphorically speaking.

But I've got to get past .7 postings a week.
This means I have to start posting pictures of kitties.

This is Lady Catterly and Vlad. They're at that window because some birds have a nest in our neighbor's vent. They stare out that window, and Lady occasionally becomes overcome with desire and starts chirping softly.

I too would prefer stories of plane crashes.

The fact of the matter is I've been spending all my free time writing jokes or playing Torchlight. Joke-writing's not adventurous.
Nor is explaining how great/bad/mediocre I did at an open mic.

You know what is adventurous? Some brotha-truckin' TORCHLIGHT PORN!
MooseSquirrel, my alchemist in Torchlight!

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