Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Night's All Right

Last night I made some headway on a couple of bits.
Still frustrated that my holiday-inspired Santa bit (ok technically it's about the Egyptian plagues but the punchline has the word Santa in it) is not working at all.
Well, the punchline's not working. The theoretical payoff.
The exposition to get us there is filled with little quips that seem to work, but the whole thing's ending not with a bang, but a whimper.

The sets this week have been good. Been in the moment more than I have been in a while, and it's allowed some stinkers but also some goodness.
I'll start recording soon; I hate hate hate watching myself (even the Comcast Open Mic where I killed) so it's going to be a real exercise in pain.

Cindy Cornelsen said something wonderful last night that I have to remind myself of nowadays: Open Mics aren't supposed to be fun, they're work. They're the dues/whatever that you're paying to get better.

I keep forgetting that. It's work. If I want to do this I should treat it as a job, not a dalliance. Otherwise I'm just shitting on the mic and not taking it seriously.

Tonight is also work, but it will be entertaining. Stop on by.

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