Monday, January 18, 2010

Because I like Burning Bridges

Hey Mister MC, I don't know you and you probably don't know me.
We're stuck here at an open mic together and, hey, I know I'm not a feature or headliner that is your ticket to easy street so I understand if you don't want to socialize.

And hey, we're at an open mic so really who gives a shit who bombs, right?

But work on your fucking intros, please. "Hey this guy's hilarious" is always always always better than "I've never seen this guy, let's hope he doesn't suck!" (paraphrased)
If you're really interested in comedy, chances are you'll work with a lot of people you've never seen before. Your job, as host, is to pump the crowd up to see them, not be an arbiter of truth.
You're fucking sales, not legal.


  1. I edited it to indicate I was paraphrasing.
    Open mics are no money, no nothing for anyone. Hopefully a drink special.

    This post was just me being a bull in a china shop.

  2. whoops, didn't mean to erase your post dad.

    ron.barry wrote:
    Maybe he said that because if you did suck, you'd be cutting into his post show income.