Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Because I'm an asshole

I actually am very tickled about the Massachusetts race.
Part of it is the impotent outrage of the internet youth; their wails reverberate through the 'sphere and fill my schadenfreude quotient to the brim.

Part of me likes it because it's the perfect fodder for conspiracy theories. While I'm an atheist, I still want an orgiastic faith journey every once in a while. Conspiracy theories feed that need.

A big part of me is just excited for what happens.Will dems get ballsy and start using parliamentary trickery to slip stuff through?
Or will we go on the offensive and attack the de facto "No" vote as political chicanery?
Don't know.

The whole year though, I've just thought one thing.
If Barack Obama's favorite movie is not Blazing Saddles, then he needs to watch it again and lie some more.
Because fuck all if he ain't living it!

Quick edited post-script - recorded tonight. Set felt like it went decent. Will watch and probably hate it but I will be able to note what I hate.
Unfortunately the answer is probably, myself.

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