Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conan the Destroyer

Conan vs Jay. Lots of people watch one of these shows or the other it seems; they're all commenting and that's bullshit because every single one of you is biased.
Since I watch neither, I am not biased.
Therefore my opinion is more qualified as it is neutral.
Both Jay and Conan are right. Jay's tanking at 10 PM, he doesn't want to quit, but NBC's not going to leave him at 10 PM as some sort of pillow smothering grandma murderer via television. They need to lively that slot up.
Jay does not want to quit, therefore he talks to network. Zucker has to choose: screw Jay or screw Conan? He chooses to screw Conan.
However you feel about his choice, there really was no compromise. One of them was going down.
Conan pulls the shortest straw. His reaction is perfectly reasonable and smart: resign immediately. This salvages what pride he can, he leaves on his terms, and Zucker looks like the fucking asshole he was doomed to look like.

I feel for Conan mostly; he moved across country for this. Starting over sucks, and I can't imagine having millions of dollars doesn't complicate trying to build real relationships to rival the 20 years of ties severed less than a year ago.

I've started over multiple times; it's something you survive. Sometimes it's wonderful, but a lot of times it sucks. Mostly, it reminds me of LCD Soundsystem's All My Friends.

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