Monday, January 25, 2010

Four legs Good. Some Two Legs Good.

My conservative friends like to make the argument that property rights are paramount to a stable society, and that one of the major downfalls of socialism is the lack of respect to property rights*.

What amuses me is the same adamant defenders of the property rights, and typically the ever-expanding powers of law-enforcement to battle ideologies (War on Drugs/Terrorism)are also accomplices to the grossest violation of due process in America today (if you don't look Arabic):
Asset Forfeiture.
One Great Article.

Your car, house, cashola - all potentially forfeit. Not yours. The State's. The illusion that you own it is to ensure you remain a productive member of society, but don't ever forget this: The State Will Take Your Shit.

The case above was actually found via another article on BoingBoing on another asset forfeiture law.

Due Process: It's just for the rich now. (although be really careful if you're rich, maybe Your Shit could run a police department!)

I'd like to point out that in neither of these two cases were there any sort of actual drugs.

Of course, who gives a shit, right? Habeas Corpus, around as a fundamental right since the fucking magna carta(signed in 1215) was suspended when the terrorists defeated us in 2001.


Also, I realize 2 weeks ago I said everything is going to be ok. I'm complicated and poorly thought out.

*I know I've simplified it a bit and lack of incentive is cited as often as property rights but I'm not interested in that at the moment. Let's agree that the argument pro vs con socialism is complicated.

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