Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve show

Last night's show reinvigorated me for comedy in a manner that I didn't expect.

It was a great show, put on by a bunch of Illini alums (I think). First of, kudos to them - they organized a helluva party. Mike Trainor and I were treated like talent, paid timely, and given mad amounts of alcohol for us and our significant others.
Sound was right, lighting was right, pizza was good, and everyone had a great time.

Show highlights (for me):
The Imp of the Perverse took over. I'd said to myself the day before "Just don't mention you went to Michigan State and you'll do fine."
So rather than mention I went to MSU, I lied and told a crowd full of Illini alum that I went to Indiana.
Which got seriously booed. I mean, hatred.
It was great.
Of course, I don't WANT them to hate me, so I then backpedal with "no no, I'm kidding, I went to Michigan State."
Booed again.
Next 30-45 seconds felt incredibly long as I floundered about trying to find a saving line to win them back. I did, but I lost some of them forever.
(My wife said I did two sets: Pre MSU and Post MSU)

The other fun moment was when I was wrapping up. Here's a nightmare: try plugging a website with a made-up word from a book about rabbits. I'd better find a way to make that shit funny and maybe spell the fucking word. I'm a marketing zilch.
So I'm muddling through this to a disinterested audience (hard fast bits they liked, anything more story-form they rapidly started table talking) and the noisemaker blows out when I'm saying something, really loud.
I smile and say, "I get it. Fuck you too."
Huge laugh, and I make that the end and bring up Mike.

Afterwards it was a pretty crazy party. Lots of people shaking my hand, some saying "hey you were really funny" and others saying "I really appreciated some of that stuff, but I don't think the crowd got it. I did though!"
Which is cool - my act is at times like a very annoying quiz show, "Do You Get The Reference?" I can't help myself, sometimes a joke is awesome for four people. I'm not dumbing it down if it's perfect as a Hamlet reference. Sorry, should have read more books.

I only had one person get their picture with me; she was maybe 25 with a great body. She draped herself over me and said "Pretend that you like me."
No pretending necessary; I'll just remind myself over and over that I'm happily married.

I honestly forgot how awesome a good show is; that's why in 2002/2003 I went up 5 times a week if I could.
2010 will have me fully committed to comedy in a way I haven't been in a while; it will be nice to see what comes of it.

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