Monday, February 22, 2010

Every Vow You Break

I didn't really get how creepy the Police's HIT SINGLE "Every Breath You Take" was until I read Orson Scott Card's Lost Boys.
I understand why it's a hit single; it's sexy if Sting stalks you. Even if Sting's stalking you NOW, it's sort of sexy, in a Sean Connery sort of way.
It's super creepy though.
What if I'm stalking you?

Because I am. Due to Google Analytics, I'm watching all the clicks through my site. If people click on the links, I know where they're going from and to.

Normally it's useful for aggregate data and trendlines. Does topic A attract more readers than topic B? What are my ad impressions doing, od people actually click on that shit?

Due to my low number of readers, the aggregates don't make much sense.
But I do know where both of you live.

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