Saturday, February 20, 2010

Setting the stage

Today's the first Dungeons and Dragons campaign I've ran since I was a kid. I'm very excited, and pregnant with ideas.
The PCs are:
An elf ranger
A dragonborn warlord
A tiefling wizard
A rogue, I can't recall race (I think tiefling? elf? human?)
A paladin, maybe dwarf?

The intro they're getting is this:
They're all in the town of Feynburg in the northern end of a peninsula. The northern lands used to be civilized before the rise of the orcs two centuries ago; most of humanity is pushed back to a large peninsula to the south.
Feynburg is cradled in the foothills, and is a mining town near the mountain passes that keep the orcs at bay. Dwarven designed, the passes are impregnable as long as they're manned.
The whole province Feynburg belongs to, Mares, is known for its military tradition. Most of its GDP is spent on maintaining a military, and boasts some of the finest battle mages in humanity.
Its major trading port Valyra is 100 miles to the south, situated at the mouth of a river and the sea.

I'm letting the PCs choose their own backstories, of course, but I'd expect most are there for the war.
Rogues being rogues, profitability might be his motivation, who knows. I'll let them surprise me.

It should be fun; there's stuff going on in the world that will move outside of their involvement that will eventually pull them into a maelstrom.

May you live in interesting times.
These PCs are going to find out what that means, if they survive.

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