Monday, March 22, 2010

Yay HCR!

I'm happy.
0 R votes makes me doubly happy.
It saddens me, of course. No bill is either DEATH TO AMERICA or THE ANSWER TO ALL TEH COUNTRY'S PROBLEMS but every single bill is hyped like that. Most of the good stuff in the bill was watered down or taken out.
The scraps that are left are steps towards health care reform.

So, the bill that the progressives wanted but only got scraps of is going to fundamentally crumble the values that America was founded on. This shit is all f(x)=1/x.

But still, zero votes from the (R).
Damn. Mighty fine whipping, there. Almost like you've got a knack for it.

If health care reform works out, as incremental as it is, that's 30 million people who just received health care.
And not one R wanted to give it to them.

Lots of potential votes. We'll see.
It feels pretty fundamental, and the worst part is where it paints the Republicans. They're stuck hoping for the plan to fail to be able to yell "I told you so!" at the polls.

Haha you thought this was going to be about Guatemala didn't you!
Soon. I'm writing here, sometimes it's hard.

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