Monday, April 12, 2010

taxes, schmaxes

That time of year again. . . taxtime.
Everyone's crying about it on the facebooks. "The democrats are spending us into oblivion!"
Get it the FUCK right or I'll spit in your coffee.
In fact, the deficit grows the most under Republican presidents!

Tired as hell of Republicans "getting religion" when the dems come into power. The Republicans are now deciding all spending must end.
Except, you know, all the wars we got us involved in almost 8 years ago. Make sure you fund that.

But if you're really tired of taxes and wish they were lower, get in line.
But we're not going to get there by cutting entitlements. There's an easy, meaty way for us to get there - ending corporate welfare. Most of the Fortune 500 doesn't pay US taxes. Sometimes through domestic shelters, other times through offshore shell games, companies hide or deduct their way to zero tax liability to Uncle Sam. Meanwhile, they want 30% of ours.

So next time you piss and moan about either side's retarded spending/debt management policies, remember this: billions of dollars go uncaptured through tricky tax law. The people who write these loopholes are Democrats and Republicans.

The bottom line is this: your 20 grand or whatever you owe, while it hurts you, is nothing compared to what an Exxon or a GE gets away with. Capturing those tax monies should be the real priority to balance the budget. Ours is a pittance.
(and think of how much lower ALL of our taxes would be if GE and Exxon had to pony up their fair share)

At least cry about the right things on April 15th. Thanks.

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