Tuesday, April 6, 2010

well I probably pissed off a neighbor

Driving home, 2 blocks from my house.
I'm approaching the stop sign, and a woman is crossing the street blabbing on her cell phone.
No big deal, she's going to be long gone by the time I get there. NOPE.
She stops (STOPS) in the middle of the street, just standing there slack jawed on the phone.

Because I abide by the rules of society, I honk rather than run her over.
It's a healthy, "hey look, vehicle" honk.
She gives me the finger.
This wasn't finger-worthy. Standing in the middle of a cross-walk is finger worthy.

So I yelled "Fuck you!" and drove past.
Which, is a brilliant comeback.
Just, de facto moronhood in two words. Said in a weird voice, to boot.

Running her over would have been less embarrassing.

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