Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons nerdery

I run a dungeons and dragons campaign in my spare time
I'm the dungeon master.
It's my world that their characters inhabit.
Which sounds cool at first. . . "yeah, I could really let my imagination go wild!"
It's almost like writing a story, if you decide all of your characters are retarded.
We've got one guy in the party who was enslaved by hobgoblins, so I drop a HUGE lead into an adventure with "there's some slavers in the north that need investigating. Oh and also something something mage's tower in the east."
Once-enslaved rogue: "Let's go lootin' a mage's tower!"
This is why God sends hurricanes.

something something mage's tower it is.
Fortunately, something something mage's tower was another adventure I'd planned to send them on afterwards. I wasn't scroogied, things were just happening in a non-linear order.
I'm ready for this.

The party arrives at the monastery outside the tower, and ask around. The tower's abandoned, the lich hasn't been seen in a while, yadda yadda.
Party sets off immediately to tower. Like, walk into monastery, "hey, which way's the tower?"

So as the party approaches the ABANDONED tower, 4 guards in the ABANDONED tower start pelting them with arrows.

Let's stop for a second and think about an appropriate reaction to this situation.
Take cover in rocks nearby?
Fall back, discussing tower's occupancy?
Run straight to front door and hope it's unlocked?

So yeah, run right at the front door.
It's locked.
Rogue: "I shall attempt to pick it with my million thievery skill"

They open the door to a roomful of death.