Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Computer tool here

In a further degradation of the line between professional website and comedy website, I'm posting a computer tool here.

The main problem with computer use is you're staring into a lightbulb the whole time you use it. It's bad in the day, causing eye-strain and sometimes headaches.
At night it's the WORST!
White is a glaring sheet of light pounding your eyeballs into submission. If you have an idea in the middle of the night, flipping on the computer to write it down will burn your retinas out.
Any time after dark really, looking to write anything down is going to result in some serious glare.
For a while, my solution was to use the program Dark Room as a no-frills text editor. It blacks out the screen so the light's not too bad. With some tweaks to the settings you can set it up for minimal eye glare.

What if you have to research something though? Websites will get ya.

Enter Nocturne. It's an awesome night-time mode for the mac. Problem is I'm mostly on a PC.
I looked for a while and couldn't find anything until . . . . f.lux!!

You set this up and unless you're working with something that requires true color (photo editing's an example) your monitor's colors will warm whenever the sun goes down, resulting in a much more pleasant computing experience at night.

I've been using it for a few months, it's fantastic. Highly recommended.
They even have it for the Mac; I'd probably bounce between it and Nocturne and decide which one I'd want to use.

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