Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eppur si muove

Late for the Queens show last night. Almost didn't make it at all - storm clouds gathered on the horizon and my wife had already bailed.
I rally, and two friends pick me up in a cab. They show up an hour after the show's begun. I'd been grunting away on the toilet. . . lots of oohs and ahhs coupled with popping, like a fireworks display.
We get out at the riv, and you can hear them playing a little. Two drunk Cub-fan looking guys approach. "Any extra tickets?"
"Yeah, I've got one, face value?"
He says yes, reaches for his money. Something clicks in him. I must have given away I didn't care how much I got for the ticket. He shakes his head and says "nah, they're on their fifth song."
This crushes me inside. I love the first Queens album. I listened to it day after day when I lived on Long Island. I discovered the band in a record store in Boston. A split CD for Kyuss/QOTSA was purchased immediately. (I also purchased Sheavy's first album, which wasn't very good but featured a digireedoo)
Kyuss covered Into the Void which was great and appropriate as they'd elicited comparisons to Sabbath, particularly in the drumming style.
But Queens was interesting, and had one song that really stood out - If Only.
Which was so good that it made it to their self titled first LP. It's the third song, and drunkie McCubbinton has just told me I missed it.
I turn from him, and walk into the ATM lobby.
He says, "I'll give you twenty bucks for it."
I should have said $25. Or held firm, even. But I relented, and sold him the ticket. No killer instinct.
We walked into the end of You Would Know, and regret was wiped clean by the grooves. I'm reasonably tall - six foot - but I couldn't see anything but Josh Homme if I stood on my tiptoes at one specific angle. Terrible sight lines.
But what a great show! The whole first album took us to their first break.
Then they came back and performed three encores spanning the rest of their albums.

I spent the night in turmoil from gastric distress. I suspect the burger I ate at lunch. I've gotta be more selective where/what I'm eating.
Because I was poorly.

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