Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Facebook Fallacy

The longer I think about it, the more irritated I become.
For the last 3 years, I've been writing/blogging/whatever as a "I'd like to generate content for a living, so here's what I'm capable of."
(quick aside - calling it generating content makes me vomit in my mouth a little. Writing jokes is probably better but inaccurate. Link aggregation is part of what I do too, as well as terrible writing such as this. So content generation is probably the only thing that makes sense, but it still sounds like something you should do with a magazine in the bathroom)

My article content has waned year after year. First year of the blog was approximately 2 posts a week. That's slid downwards month after month; 2011 has me posting once a month on my blog.

If my internet usage had dropped, that's one thing. If I'd just plain stopped writing/interacting on the net, that's another.
The thing is, I haven't. I've been still posting links and my comments to them.
I'm still making quips on a regular basis, and wise-assed remarks.
I'm still taking beautiful pictures of my terrible cats. (err, those adjectives might be reversed)

But instead of doing it here, where ultimately I might stand some chance of throwing ads up and making a little cash, I've shifted all my content generation to Facebook.

And that's a terrible trade. Not only is there no chance, EVER, to monetize off of Facebook, but the model Facebook uses for monetization is pretty damn evil. It's been said a million times by a million people - for Facebook WE are the product, and the customers are advertisers.
Not only that, but we're busy building up a complex psychographic profile for the Facebook - who we're connected to, what our interests are, who we hide in our feeds, where our eyeballs are on their screens. . . etc.

Couple that with the cases coming up every day where incriminating shit was put on Facebook and it led to divorce/lost custody of a child/violated probation/some terrible thing spawning from a thoughtless post.

Now, I may still need facebook. My blog posts aren't rocketing to the top of Reddit (not even the hilarious ones). But the strategy/technique I've been pursuing is fucked. So moving forward, I'm weaning myself from the Facebook.

What does this mean to you? For starters, I'm not posting article updates or status updates on my FB page. If I see a link I like, I'll post it here, write some comments, and let TwitterFeed pick it up and post it to Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter is the "Status Update" stop now.

And finally, (this is the big one that I'll probably regret): I'm shifting 100% of the content generation to my fan page instead of my regular facebook page.
This is more to begin eliminating friends who spam me, but it's also because of my shifting attitude towards Facebook - it should be a place where people who like me can find out where I put my content.
It shouldn't be the place where I actually leave the stuff.

I hope some/most of you make the jump. I think there's about 20 of you, so it shouldn't be too tough, I can email you directions if you want.

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